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Installation Designs: Patterns & Ideas

So you have decided to purchase some beautiful tile, hardwood, laminate, or luxury vinyl. Maybe you already have a vision in mind for how you want it to look. There are some very common layouts for planks and tile that look great. But there are also so many other options that may just spark your love of your floor even more! Here is a short list of just a few of the patterns you could lay your floor with.

Artboard_1_copy_5.pngArtboard_1_copy_6.pngHerringbone and Chevron

These two are very close to each other, but end with a completely different look. Chevron patterns have cut some corners in a sense. To have each board line up flush with each other in a diagonal pattern. While herringbone overlap over each end. These are simple patterns but if you were looking for something unique while staying within a comfort zone. These are the choices for you.

Artboard_1_copy_2.pngBasket Weave

This is similar to the herringbone pattern but with larger groups of planks to mimic the look of it's name, a basket weave. There are a few variations of this pattern that range from a simple look, up to a complicated pattern involving more cuts.


This is specifically a tile layout, though nothing is stopping you from trying this with luxury vinyl, laminate, or hardwood! This pattern arranges 4 wider tiles around a smaller square one. Like the blades on a windmill.

Artboard_1_copy_4.pngHopscotch Tile

Again another tile layout. This is a rather common one as well but with so much potential. This requires only two sizes of tile. Whether you simply cut and use the same tile across the room or use two different colours to add a little of your personality to it is up to you!

With how many options you have with tile, hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl, the possibilities are endless. Size and colour plays a large role in what you will be doing and affects the look of each pattern. It can be a daunting task to settle on something so here is a tip. Get inspired! Look around for examples either online or in buildings you visit. It's always much easier to fall in love with something you can see and then bring that to your home.