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Do you deliver?

Maybe! It depends on the product, the store, and where you’d like it delivered. Always best to contact the store you’d like to get the product from to ask them if they’re able to accommodate a delivery.

Most of the time when you’re getting the product installed by the store (or arranged by the store) that will include delivery.

Is the floor I want in stock?

Maybe! There’s only one way to find out – come on down! Our stock changes often. We get flooring deliveries almost every week, so it’s difficult to say what will be in stock on the day you’re looking to buy.

For the most popular styles and colours, we almost always have a good amount of stock on hand.

How long does it take for a special order to arrive?

Many factors can go into the delivery time on a special order. If the product is in a local warehouse, it can be just a few days. However, if we’re waiting on a special run from the factory to be completed, it could be a couple of weeks to a couple of months for delivery.

If your project is time sensitive, you’re best to grab an in-stock product as you know it’s there, ready to go, today.

How many square feet do I need?

We have a calculator to help you figure that out. You will always want extra. For most DIY jobs, we suggest 10%-15% extra as you’ll always lose some square footage of the product to cuts. With DIY, we often find there are a few mis-cuts (Don’t sweat it, it happens!) so we suggest a little more than we’d order than if you were getting it professionally installed.

If I run out of flooring, can’t I just order more?

This is where it gets tricky. The short answer is that you probably can.

However, when you’re mixing and matching different batches of flooring, the colour can be off ever-so-slightly off from the first batch of flooring you bought. This is usually not a big deal – except when you’re laying the flooring down right beside an older batch where you can see the difference instantly.

There’s also the possibility of a product being discontinued. We’ve had cases where flooring was purchased on clearance in the store, where plenty of stock was available the day it was purchased, but when they came back a couple weeks later because they were short a box that it was completely gone, without any way to order more.

As one of Canada’s largest flooring retailers, we’ll do our best to track down any remaining boxes at any store across the country, but this is in no way a guarantee.

It’s always best to measure accurately, and ensure you have enough flooring to do the job.

Does the floor come with a warranty?

Almost certainly. Every product is different, so you’ll want to check with the exact product to determine what’s covered, what’s not, and for how long.

Can I install it myself?

In many cases, for sure. If you have the ability to do so. Some products are more DIY friendly than others. Hardwood and tile can be much more difficult than a click-together plank or a very DIY friendly loose-lay vinyl..

However, you’ll often void any warranty on products you install incorrectly.

For example, most plank products have detailed instructions on how flat the subfloor has to be, how much of a gap to leave around the perimeter, how far apart joints in adjacent rows must be, and more. If you don’t install it to all the required specifications, and the floor has issues, there’s not much we or the manufacturer can do about it. Professional installation almost always ensures this is not an issue.

Do you sell the supplies I need to install?

Probably. Totally depends on the product, the special use cases, etc. If we don’t sell it, we’ll know exactly what you need, and where to get it.

What do I need to install the floor by myself?

Depends on the flooring, but it may include underlayment, material for floor repairs if needed, demo / removal of old floors, any tools required to do the job right, possibly adhesives or fasteners, spacers, special hammers, tapping block, or specialty floor saw blades. Check with the flooring advisor to find out what’s required for your project.

Do you install the flooring?

Absolutely! Many of our stores provide installation, and for those that don’t, they will arrange for a professional installation company to complete the job.

Does the installation come with a warranty?

There is usually some type of warranty for most professional installations. It’s important to note that any warranty to installation work would be separate from any manufacturer warranty on product defects. What is included in the warranty will vary depending on the installer, the company, and any special circumstances surrounding the installation.

DIY installation work would usually come with a manufacturer warranty on the product, but the install would not be covered as you’re doing it yourself. Also note, that some manufacturers warranties can be voided if the installation was done incorrectly or manufacturer guidelines were not followed (subfloor being unlevel for example)

We always recommend you check with the store to find out what will be covered, and for how long, with any type of warranty.

What about demo and removal of old flooring?

Generally, yes! In most cases the installation crew will handle the basic tasks required to remove your old flooring and install the new flooring – as long as you’ve paid for this service.

Some homeowners will do their own demo and removal (or parts of it), others will ask the installation crew to handle it, so make sure your quote includes the desired level of work.

There are quite a few caveats to this answer though. Every job is unique, and requires a unique assessment. There are many variables that can affect the price, and ability to complete a job, so it’s always best to chat with your local store to find out what’s possible, and what’s outside the scope of the installation crew.

Does my floor need to be flat and level before install?

Probably! Although many floors require a flat surface for installation, some do not require it – or have certain variances that are considered acceptable. It’s important to check the specific product requirements. Our flooring advisors can help with this.

Generally speaking, for any click together or plank product, the floor will need to be flat and even. Some products will allow for a slight variation, like ⅛ of an inch over a 10 foot span, for example.

Other products like sheet vinyl, glue-down or loose lay products may be more forgiving – but even they can only do so much.

When in doubt, ask our flooring advisors, and they’ll direct you to the right product for your situation.

Will installers repair my subfloor?

Minor repairs, yes! Major repairs, it’s best to ask. Usually if a floor just needs a bit of levelling, or a damaged piece of subfloor replaced, this can be priced into the installation job (note: there is almost always an extra charge for this).

However, structural issues, damaged floor beams, major concrete work, and other flooring issues may require the work of a professional contractor.

As always, best to chat with the store beforehand to find out if your floor needs repair work.

NOTE: Although quotes will often factor in any visible work that needs to be done, there’s only so much you can see before the old floor is removed. Once removed, unforeseen issues may arise that were not visible at the time of the quote. This may need extra budget to repair.

What affects the price of installation?

There are many factors that will affect pricing, and this is not exhaustive, but will give you good idea of what will affect price:

  • Number of stairs / stair nosings required.
  • Overall square footage (installation is usually priced by the square foot).
  • Product type – Different products are more labour intensive (sheet vinyl vs hardwood for example, the prices are vastly different).
  • How much prep work is required (subfloor levelling, baseboard removal etc).
  • Whether or not we’re removing the old flooring.

With so many variables, it’s best to chat with the store to make sure all factors are included in the quote.

Will installers help me move furniture?

Maybe. This is usually not included, but special arrangements can sometimes be made depending on what’s required. Installers are not movers, and are often not equipped to move extra large items. Always best to chat with the store to find out what’s included in the installation quote.

Who do I contact if I have a problem?

Contact the store where you made the purchase. They’ll be best equipped to help you deal with any issues or concerns.

Help! I’ve damaged my floor!

Uh oh. Don’t sweat it though. Everything is fixable. Sometimes it can be as simple as replacing one plank of flooring, or more involved if you need a room of carpet replaced.