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Design Inspiration From Nature

The time of year is almost here when we begin to spend more time indoors, then we do outdoors. The weather is shifting and with that comes an urge to renovate and redesign the home to make room for the colder seasons ahead. This year, keep nature in your mind when choosing ways to redesign your home. There are so many ways to become inspired by nature - let us show you a few!

Inspiration is all around us! It can come from absolutely anywhere - beautiful architecture, texture from fabrics, the colours from a sunset, and so many more places.

To give some examples, here are a few rooms and the nature that inspired them.

You can see from the images above how easy it is to pull inspiration from nature. Tones, textures and accent elements can all be taken from the outside, and brought indoors.

It Doesn't Have To Be Room Specific

You can add your outdoor inspiration to any room of your house. Have you ever been at the beach and stumbled upon a beautiful piece of driftwood? Take it into the bathroom and design the entire room around that piece of wood. Look at the colours, the shape and the texture - you can design truly anything. What about going hiking and taking a great photo from the top? You could use that photo for colour inspiration for your bedroom. What about walking to get a morning coffee and seeing a large leaf on the ground? The deep tones of green with swirling rich hues of red, orange and yellow begin to surround it and can make for excellent inspiration. Absolutely any room in your home can be designed around something from nature.

Get The Flooring Involved

There are so many different types of flooring out there that it makes it so easy to get flooring based on something that has inspired you. Cork flooring has so many natural benefits, including easy maintenance, sound absorption, warmth, and comfort. Paired with brilliant white walls, it can add a warm contrast and look beautiful when going for more earthy inspired designs. Hardwood flooring is an excellent option when bringing the outdoors inside. With so many different styles, tones and designs to choose from - the possibilities are endless.

Don't Forget About Carpeting

Carpeting can be a wonderful element to add to any space in your home, especially when creating a design that is inspired by the outdoors. Nowadays you can find carpeting that has been made from recycled plastic bottles, thus making your choice for your home a better choice for the planet as well. When looking to be inspired by the outdoors, for inside, choosing elements that have a lower impact on our planet can be a great option.