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Flooring Installation Tips

There are many installation options for all types of circumstances. Whether you want to do it yourself or have a professional install your floor, End Of The Roll can guide you to the right resources.

Should I DIY my Flooring or Hire a Professional?

Whether you should install your flooring yourself or hire a professional depends on a few factors. The first consideration is the type of flooring you would like to install. Some flooring options are DIY friendly (which we will discuss in the next section) but others benefit from a professional installation. For instance, installing hardwood flooring typically requires more skill when compared to something like peel and stick tiles.

More complex tasks like refinishing existing hardwood floors or installing flooring in oddly-shaped (read: not square) rooms are examples of scenarios where hiring a professional would likely result in a better outcome.

Whatever your level of expertise, talk to a Flooring Advisor at your local End Of The Roll store to determine the best way to fulfil your needs, budget, and expectations.

DIY Flooring Installation

For the do-it-yourself person, there are usually detailed instructions for installation right on the product brochures or on our Suppliers’ websites. Simply visit the brand website and type in your product to find information and PDF files for download, which may outline a step-by-step installation process.

In general, products such as carpet tiles, vinyl plank, and laminate are easier flooring options to install yourself. For instance, carpet tiles (which usually come in 2’ by 2’ pieces) typically have a quick release glue-down feature that firmly adheres, but also releases to allow the tiles to be replaced or moved if needed.

Vinyl plank can be glue-down or click-together and simply need a smooth subfloor before installation. Laminate can come with a click-together locking system and requires an underpad, which forgives slightly less smooth under-flooring.


Our financing gives you an easy way to get those home renovations done without worrying about breaking the bank. Once approved, browse our flooring options online and visit your local store for purchase.