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The Story of End Of The Roll

Our story began in 1986 when our first ever End Of The Roll opened. At this time, End Of The Roll was focused heavily on carpeting - Canada's most popular type of flooring. When the word spread that our store offered great products for an even better deal, more locations started popping up across British Columbia.

In a short span of just over 10yrs, End Of The Roll grew to more than 30 stores across Canada. Big changes were on the horizon when the logo changed from a bright red, to a brilliant green. With that, the stores began to carry more in their product lineup.

By 2015, End Of The Roll became Canada’s flooring leader with more than 50 locations across the country. By this time, we carried as many hard surfaces as we did carpeting and our customer base grew.

Today, End Of The Roll has become the End Of The Roll Flooring Centres and we have expanded our product selection to meet today's customer needs. We represent one of the largest purchasers of floor
covering products in Canada and have strong relationships with most major floor covering suppliers, manufacturers and distributors in North America.

Before You Buy

Take advantage of our flooring calculators to help you calculate your square footage, cost, and budget.

Design Tips

Flooring design tips from End Of The Roll, including colour matching, sample tips, and more.