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There are many good reasons why laminate flooring is a popular choice in today's homes. Whether you are looking for a professionally installed floor, or plan to do-it-yourself, we stock a wide array of wood planks and tile patterns in many styles and colours. Laminate is a manufactured product that simulates the look of hardwood, tile, natural stone, and many other types of flooring.

Laminate floors offer many benefits to you and your home, including:

Exceptional Realism at an Affordable Cost

Laminate is well-suited to those shoppers who want the look of real hardwood or stone, but without the cost or maintenance that can sometimes be associated with natural products. Laminate flooring is generally less expensive than natural hardwood and has certain other benefits as well. If you're thinking of installing a new floor, laminate flooring is an option that is well worth looking into. You can choose from natural colours and dark wood grains as well as warm or cool colour tones to compliment any room décor in your home. And if the "plank" look interests you, many hardwood plank designs are offered in laminate, including rare and exotic wood species. Laminate stone and tile patterns will give you the elegant look of tile, but without the concerns of grout cleaning or cracking tile.

In the past, laminate floors have been easy to spot, but today's technology allows manufacturers to create realistic visuals and textures for an elegant and quality floor. For formal, traditional, country-style, or contemporary laminates, our professionally trained Flooring Advisors at End Of The Roll can help you find the best floor that fulfills all your requirements. With our wide assortment of colours, textures and styles, we can even make interior designers happy!

Exceptional Durability, Superior Stain & Fade Resistance

If yours is a busy household or a home with children, then a durable, low maintenance product like laminate flooring is a great choice for active lifestyles. It does not scratch easily, and it's easy to replace boards if needed (see below). Because laminate flooring is stain resistant, it doesn't need to be varnished or waxed. Laminate floors are also less likely to fade in direct sunlight, unlike aging hardwood floors.

Easy To Clean / Floor Care

Overall, your laminate floors are easy to maintain. A few regular cleaning habits will help to prolong their life. Sweep regularly. Tiny dirt particles may cause small scratches in high traffic areas if they are left for long periods of time. Be sure to mop up standing water, as prolonged exposure to water may cause the planks to swell.

As with other hard surface flooring, we recommend using felt pads under furniture legs to prevent scratching or scuffing when things are moved around.

For a great deep clean, the best product to use is a specialized laminate floor cleaner, which we have in stock at most of our stores.

Note: Lower quality laminate with inferior locking systems can sometimes come apart slightly, showing separation and a tiny gap between boards. Make sure to lightly tap the planks back together to prevent dirt from getting built up in these cracks. Higher quality laminate does not tend to cause as many problems. Ask a Flooring Advisor for more information.

Install on All Grade Levels, even Below Grade, & Over Different Types of Subfloors

Laminate is one of the only types of flooring that can be installed on all grade levels, including below-grade floors. It can also be laid over different types of subfloors, including tile, vinyl, hardwood, and concrete. (Note that it cannot be installed on top of carpeting.) It only requires a layer of foam underpad and does not need glue or nails. The click together design of laminate creates a "floating floor." For more detailed information about the laminate floor you have chosen, and the options available, consult with your local End Of The Roll Flooring Advisor.

Easy To Replace Boards

Laminate floors are relatively easy to remove yourself, simply by un-clicking the boards. If a few boards in the middle of your floor need replacing, this is a bit trickier but can be done quite easily by a professional installer, and it's obviously less expensive than replacing the whole floor. When you buy laminate, it's always a good idea to order an extra box or two, so you have a few additional boards on hand to replace any that might get damaged in the future.

Do-It-Yourself Friendly

Laminate is probably the best flooring product for do-it-yourself projects. It requires a mitre saw, a measuring tape, and a whole lot of time and patience! (Plus a few more things.) With most of our suppliers offering click-together boards and installation guides, you may want to consider doing the project yourself. If it's your first time, stick with a small area to get a feel for the process (ie. a closet). However, remember sometimes it is just easier to pay a professional installer to do the job right and quickly. They are far less likely to make mistakes and waste product or void the warranty. At the very least, you can ask us to recommend one of our preferred installation partners to give you a free quote!

Contributed by Stephanie Gilchrist.

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