We use a diligent 8 step process which will guide you from the beginning pre-qualification to your End Of The Roll store opening date.

STEP 1 Pre-Qualification

You will complete a Franchise Application to determine if there is a potential opportunity.

STEP 2 Initial Conversation

A member of Corporate Office will contact you to discuss your responses. The basics of the franchise will be reviewed, and any questions that you may have will be answered.

Step 3 Financial Information

You will complete an in-depth Financial Application and provide authorization for a credit check to see if you meet the necessary requirements to open a franchise.

Step 4 Follow-up Conversation

Assuming you meet the financial requirements, any further questions will be answered and a date and agenda will be set up for the Meet & Greet Day. This date will be dependent on the availability of properties to view.

Step 5 Meet & Greet Day

A member of our Corporate Office will meet you face-to-face to answer any questions, review the Franchise Agreement, discuss potential locations, and chat more about what makes a franchise successful.

Step 6 Formalize the Franchise Agreement

Upon approval from Corporate Office, you will sign your Franchise Agreement and pay your Franchise Fees.

Step 7 Franchise Checklist & Training Week

You will attend a one week event at our National Marketing & Training Centre and plan the required tasks prior to opening your store. At that time you will also have some training on the computer system, plan your Grand Opening and ongoing advertising, review the Management and Sales Training Program, as well as spend time at a local store.

Step 8 Store Opening

For the first few months you will have constant communication with several Corporate Office members until you are comfortable in the day-to-day duties and responsibilities.

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