A minimum investment of $200,000 will be required by all Franchisees for an End Of The Roll store. This investment is for the Franchise Fee of $25,000, and the balance of the funds remains in your business for necessary working capital. The initial investment should provide the capital needed to open and run the store.

Franchise Fees:

Franchisees will pay a one-time Franchise fee of $25,000. Franchisees will also be required to remit a Royalty Fee and a National Advertising Fund fee.

Franchise Capital Assets:

To maintain the minimum investment at a level of $200,000, it will be necessary for the Franchisee to lease certain capital assets to be used in the Franchise such as a cutting machine, forklift, computer system, sales counter, signage, displays, racking and phone system. The Franchisee will be solely responsible for lease payments for such capital assets.