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B-Gone by Smell Zapper

Smell Zapper's B-Gone is the environmentally safe answer for replacing chlorinated and petroleum-based solvents. B-Gone is a 100% active, 100% biodegradable non-flammable product that attacks and solubilizes a wide variety of greases, oils, most inks, adhesives, and polymers. It rinses easily in water leaving behind a surface that is totally film-free. B-Gone is safe for use on most metal surfaces and most finished surfaces, and will not damage carpeting and most fabrics. However, you should always test this product on an inconspicuous area for colour fastness before using it.

Product Specifications

  • Ready to use, do not dilute.
  • Safe for all surfaces, carpets, fabrics, tools
  • Two-year shelf life
  • Leaves no residue behind

Treatment Instructions

Spray onto the surface and wipe clean.

For dry adhesives, inks, tar, grease, and asphalt, saturate the area and allow the product to penetrate and liquefy the stain before rubbing with a clean cloth and wiping clean. Always test in an inconspicuous area for colour fastness.

Bottle of B-gone Smell Zapper