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What’s The Deal With Stair Runners?

What is a stair runner?

A stair runner is a narrow piece of carpet that doesn’t quite fit completely over the width of the stairs. They are available in almost every colour and pattern, and are available in many different sizes and widths.

Okay, so why add a carpet runner to the stairs?

The most common reason to add a carpet runner to the stairs is for safety. Runners help in the prevention of slipping and falling when manoeuvring the staircase by creating better footing. A carpet runner not only provides safety, it also muffles the noise of children, adults, and animals travelling on the stairs.

The second most common reason to add a stair runner to your home is for style. Adding a runner to your stairs can create a focal point of the room, so it is important to choose one you love and that fits your style.

How do I choose one?

When choosing a carpet runner for your stairs, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First off, you will want to think about the width - this will all depend on the width of your stairs. You want to be sure that the carpet runner will fit across your stairs, but leave room on either side so that you don’t feel like you are walking on a narrow strip. For example, if your stairs are 3 feet wide, a good size for the width of the runner would be 27 inches. This leaves plenty of room on either side without feeling like the runner is too narrow, or too overpowering.

How do I choose a pattern?

One of the great things about choosing a runner is that they come in so many different patterns. When picking out your pattern, it’s important to keep in mind that the stairs will change the pattern a little bit. Steer clear of patterns like diamonds, squares and other geometric patterns, as matching up the pattern can be difficult and make it stand out - not in a good way. Stick to patterns that aren’t geometric - like florals and abstracts.

Do I put anything underneath the runner?

Yes, you absolutely do! Even though the stair runner is a very small piece of carpet, you will still need to add an underpad to it. The underpad is very thin, but is still required. You will want your underpad to be narrower than the runner so that the runner can sit tight on the stairs.

Always be sure to have a professional install the carpet runner on your stairs.

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