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What Size Rug Do I Need?

Hoorah! It’s time to purchase a new area rug. You’ve been looking around at the options and you have an idea of the colour and pattern you’d like, but now you need to figure out the placement and size.

Dining Room

The first room we’ll take you through is the dining room. A dining room rug should have 20-24 inches of extra room on all sides as there’s nothing quite as annoying as getting a chair leg trapped on the edge of an area rug when you’re trying to pull it back in to be seated. 

Living Room

The next room is the living room and in this room you’ll want to make sure to leave about 18 inches of bare floor exposed. Area rugs can make a room appear bigger, so if you have a small living room, we suggest opting for a larger area rug.


There’s a lot of options for rug placement in the bedroom. The most popular approach is having the rug slightly stick out from under your bed, providing a soft landing when stepping out as you can see from the below images. The size of the rug will depend on the size of your bed and nightstands, but typically you want to make sure the bed is sitting fully on the rug. If it’s not, pull it a little towards the end so it's sticking out from the end of the bed.

We hope that helps when deciding the size of rug for your room. We’ve got a lot of options in-store and our Visualizer can help you easily see what size would work well in your room.

Sunlight streaming through a large window onto a dining table with leather chairs around it.
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