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Timeless Tile

We love tile. Small tiles, big tiles, bright tiles, plain tiles.

Tiles aren't just for floors, they can be used in many applications, being most popular for areas with high humidity or moisture. Many of our stores carry mosaic tiles which are ideal for kitchen and bathroom back-splashes, but you can also find tiles used in everyday decor, including candle holders, pottery, mirror frames, etc. Using them for flooring is such a popular choice because they're easy to maintain and they look fantastic in many rooms of the home, even for outdoor living such as a deck or poolside.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles, specifically, provide durability and great moisture resistance. We also love the way you can mix and match them to make your own patterns for a completely original look. It is simply one of the most versatile flooring products in the industry for all of the stylish possibilities.

When selecting your tile, don't forget about the grout! There are many different colour options that grout throws into the mix, and so it can be a seemingly daunting task to narrow down your preferences. Luckily, there are many resources to reference such as magazines, blogs and websites that will give you a wealth of ideas and inspiration.

From a design perspective, tile is quite different from hardwood and other types of flooring. For example, if hardwood is being installed in your home, you would generally want it to carry all throughout your home, in a consistent pattern and direction. Whereas with tile, you have much more flexibility in mixing/matching and experimenting with shapes, colors and patterns. If you're designing a home or a particular room and you want to make a statement, incorporating tile into your design may just be the perfect option for you!

The list of tile benefits is lengthy. It is stronger than hardwood and even more water resistant than laminate. We have a great selection of tile floors in stock with many designs and colours to choose from, so why not drop by one of our stores and see what's on sale today?!

Bathrooms: Small Spaces, Big Impact

What works well underfoot in the bathroom? The answer is just about anything! Picture your bathroom. Now, picture it again, but replace the floor with pretty pebble stone tile, or the timeless beauty of hardwood. Both options would look amazing, how to decide!?