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Six Simple Ideas to Refresh Your Home For The Coming Spring!

The days are longer, the air is warmer, the plants are blooming, and you can finally walk outside without a jacket. Spring is an exciting time of year for most people as it resembles the transition from winter to summer. After spending months inside, cooped up from the cold (especially us Canadians), nothing feels better than the warmth and freshness that spring brings to our homes.

On that thought, we are going to give you six ideas that you can use to freshen up your home this coming spring.

1. Spruce things up with some area rugs

Adding colour to your house is always a great way to liven up and get into the spring vibe. One great way to accomplish this is by changing or adding an area rug to your house. Colours like green and blue always work great as they resemble the blue skies and green landscapes that come with the spring season arriving.


2. Decorate The House With Plants

Spring is the time of year when plants and flowers start to blossom. Decorating your house with living plants (or artificial ) will add a nice touch of green and livelihood to your house decor.

Some quick ideas include adding kitchen table centerpieces, hanging pots for flowers/plants and living room accent pieces.

3. Clean Your Windows, Open Your Blinds, and Let the Fresh Air In

As the clouds start to dissipate and the days start to get longer, the sun starts to become our best friend. Take advantage of this by cleaning the exterior and interior surfaces of your windows and opening your blinds, all of which make a world of difference! The natural lighting will have your home looking lighter and more upbeat for the coming spring.

In addition, nothing welcomes spring more than open windows! Opening doors and windows will help freshen up and eliminate odours that have accumulated over the long winter months. If you're lucky, you might also catch a bird singing sweet melodies to you!

4. Liven Up The Front Porch and Entrance of Your Home

We all know during the winter months there are extra floor mats, clutter, and shoes around the porch and entrance of the house. As spring arrives and the snow disappears there is no longer a need for all this extra clutter.

Take the time and revive! Remove any unwanted floor mats, put away any extra winter boots/shoes, clean up any dirt built up during the winter months and get your entrance looking fresh for the spring!

5. Change Your Patio Flooring

Changing up your outdoor patio flooring is another great option that can really change the way your outdoor space looks and feels for the coming spring. As the temperature warms, spending more time outside becomes the norm so upgrading your patio floor will add a beautiful touch to your outdoor living area. Incorporating an outdoor area rug to your space is an excellent design solution as it adds instant colour, style, and extra comfort underfoot.

6. Declutter and Clean Your House

Last but not least, nothing beats a good ol' house cleaning. Spend the time in early spring and clean your entire house. Remove any unwanted clutter, clean your floors, air out your rooms, vacuum your rugs and light a candle or diffuse your favourite essential oils.

Having a clean and decluttered house will have everything looking and feeling anew. Not only will this revive your home, but your mind and spirit as well!