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Outdoor Area Rugs

The visual benefits of putting a patio rug out on your deck speak for themselves. From comfort to colour, outdoor rugs can make a space more cozy and welcoming to both you and your guests! In anticipation for warmer Spring weather and summertime fun, here are a few things to keep in mind when you go shopping for a patio or deck area rug.


Will you be putting the rug out on the pool deck or under a covered area? We have area rugs that are incredibly durable and weatherproof, with styles ranging from fake grass to modern patterns. Ask a Flooring Advisor in store about durable materials, such as fibres that won't be easily damaged by mildew or excessive sun. If your rug will be under a covered porch, will it need to hold up against muddy boots at a front entry? Or will your guests simply be stepping out through a balcony door, in their bare feet onto your covered patio? The rug should suit the use of the space.

The right size

It's a good idea to measure the area of the section you would like to cover with the rug before you head to the store. Outdoor rugs are available in different dimensions, and while the general rule these days is to have (at least) the front legs of your chairs sitting on top of the rug, you may want to break the rules. It's also easy to custom bind a carpet if that is an option (covered deck), especially if there happens to be something perfect in terms of colour and style in our clearance section. Sometimes we have amazing deals on carpet roll ends that can be a very affordable choice!

Colours and patterns

There are so many new designs when it comes to area rugs. Beautiful, trendy, modern, classic, linear, bright, neutral; you name it, it's probably available. Have a browse on our website to get inspired, print out or email yourself a few photos, and bring them in store. Whether you want textured luxury or a gorgeous pop of colour, area rugs can really enhance the space, especially with a few matching cushions!

Budget and recycling

If you're looking to make your budget stretch as far as possible, we have a few ideas. We already mentioned that the remnants section in our stores carry the end of the rolls which can be custom bound to fit your space and you can save up to 70% off original retail prices. The second great option is to move an area rug from a different room in your home, outside onto a covered deck. This way you can stretch your money; for the price of one rug you can both upgrade a room inside your home, and enjoy a rug under your toes outside. Keep the cycle going and move tired or worn rugs outside before getting rid of them altogether. Invest in a good rug, and it could be repurposed for years to come!

Get started

It's pretty easy to take your outdoor entertainment area to the next level this summer, and it all starts with an area rug to define the space. Grab a few colour swatches you like, do a quick measure, and pop down to your local End Of The Roll store to see the incredible selection we have in stock. If you're in the mood to browse online and do some research first, be sure to print out or email yourself some images so you can show us what you have in mind, and we can help you achieve it!

Contributed by Stephanie Gilchrist.

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While there are indoor/outdoor area rugs that you can lay down, there is also more traditional carpeting that you can glue down or install for year-round use.