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Kitchen Flooring Options & Ideas – What Will You Choose?

Every part of the house serves a different function and purpose. Some areas are busier than others; some areas receive a lot of moisture, some areas collect more filth (spills, soiled shoes...etc.) and some areas barely get used at all.

Understanding this helps us determine what type of flooring is the best fit for any particular area. We've almost got it down to a science!

For this particular case, we are talking about the kitchen. Let's ask ourselves a question, what actually happens in the kitchen?

  • It's typically a busier area in the house (we all need to eat). This means we want something durable.
  • There will be lots of spills and accidents from food and liquids. This means we will want something more moisture resistant.
  • Some kitchens are connected to an entrance of the house. This means there will be lots of dirt and substances tracked into the area. Again, going back to the first two points, we want something durable, but also something that will be easy to clean.

As you can see, the kitchen floor is an area that can take a beating. The key is finding a floor that is not only durable, moisture-resistant and easy to clean, but also something that is stylish and that looks great.

Below is a list of kitchen floor options that not only look great, but can withstand the wear and tear that the kitchens take overtime.


Kitchen Flooring TileTile is definitely one of the kitchen's go-to options due to the fact that it's highly durable,moisture-resistant and easy to clean. It's not always the cheapest option, but holds its value and can last a very long time before needing replacement.

On the flip side, tile flooring is a very hard surface making it easy for dishes to break if dropped. Tile also tends to get a little colder when compared to other flooring types, so keep that in mind when choosing your next kitchen floor.


EOR6106_Jan2017_KitchenFlooringBlog_SmallImageBlocks_Hardwood.jpgHardwood is the staple of all flooring. It always looks fantastic and with new product and sealant improvements, it makes for a great option for kitchen flooring. This also allows for those who want to keep their flooring consistent throughout the home, making everything continuous, further on which also makes the home appear more spacious.

While hardwood is still durable and easy to clean, some types can scratch and dent easier than others. On that note, hardwood can be refinished, making it look new again. Hardwood also requires a little more attention, you will want to make sure spills are taken care of in a timely fashion as moisture left on the floor can cause damage.


EOR6106_Jan2017_KitchenFlooringBlog_SmallImageBlocks_Vinyl.jpgIf hardwood or tile doesn't fit the bill, vinyl might be your next best choice. Vinyl is typically more affordable and mimics hardwood and tile quite convincingly. With a variety of colours and designs to choose from, vinyl is another fantastic option for the kitchen floor.

While vinyl is moisture-resistant and easy to clean, making it ideal for the kitchen, it's not as durable as hardwood or tile. This means if your floor takes a lot of abuse, over time you can expect to see your floor fading and in need of a replacement much sooner than the other flooring types mentioned above.


EOR6106_Jan2017_KitchenFlooringBlog_SmallImageBlocks_Cork.jpgLast but not least, we have cork. If you're an eco-friendly fanatic then cork might be right for you. Naturally harvested from trees (without harming them), cork comes in a variety of colours and patterns. If sealed properly, cork makes for a great looking alternative for kitchen floors.

Cork will require the occasional resealing in order to maintain the lifespan, but if managed properly you won't need to worry about water damage and it's always easy to clean.

What Will You Choose?

We know it can be overwhelming at times when it comes to choosing the right floor. There are so many things to consider, but we hope that after reading this post that we've helped you narrow down the options that you would consider for your next kitchen floor.

If you have any questions or need some expert advice, feel free to contact your nearest End Of The Roll Flooring Centre and we will always have a Flooring Advisor ready to help you with your flooring needs.

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