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How To Install Carpet Tiles On Your Staircase

Thinking about rolling up those sleeves and getting down to business with your home interior projects? While anytime is generally a good time to consider new flooring, why not start now before the next friends and family gathering or the holidays.

Perhaps it's been on your hit list to replace your carpet. Have you ever considered the thought to install carpet tile? Since carpet tiling has made significant changes for over half a century in the mainstream commercial market, we can expect further improvements in how it's utilized for both home and business. What has made carpet tiles so popular over the years? Other than durability for high traffic areas, carpet tiling has been compact for exporting, interchangeable in design and easy to install.

Carpet tile is one of the most affordable 'do it yourself' carpets to install. There are multiple ways you can layout carpet tile. Imagine what you can create with the right style and design of these tiles covering wall to wall or placing your customer made area rug for the foyer. The options are endless and practical. There are great standards to follow when starting off your carpet tile such as beginning with a template and working from the centre of the room. Stairs are another consideration that many prefer to explore over a runner with anchored rods.

Step by Step Instructions

Carpeting stairs is a fine way to expound the look and comfort of your home. You can begin your style laying carpet tile onto laminate or hardwood flooring. Below you can follow these basic steps on how to carefully place your well measured and prepared for carpet tile upon each stair. DIYStart suggests the following:

Supply yourself with a measuring tape, calculator, utility knife, chalk, double sided adhesive strips and, of course, carpet tiles.

  1. Measure the length and width of each stair.
  2. Divide the length measures with the length of one tile. The same applies for the width of the stairs.
  3. Determine the length and the width of each stair by multiplying these two measurements.
  4. Choose the direction of the tiles; do this with the aid of a piece of chalk on the back of tile.
  5. If you have carpet tile with adhesive strips you can open the tabs. If not, use a double sided carpet tape to the edges of the carpet square.
  6. Do apply a layer of adhesive to the stair to make sure it will be covered completely.
  7. Now, place your carpet tile. Check the arrow in back of the tile to make sure it's facing the right direction.
  8. Follow this procedure for the remaining tiles as per the length of the first one. Rest assure they are facing the same direction and that the cut edges are facing the wall.
  9. Use a utility knife to cut the tiles. Cut on a safe and secure surface. When you install the carpet tiles in the stairs use a nosing. The tiles must face downwards on the stairs and inward on the treads.

If for any reason you are unsure of what you are doing, the appropriate sales associate at any one of our End Of The Roll Flooring Centres will be glad to assist you with their knowledge and expertise. Most packaged carpet tiles do, however, come with an instruction manual for your reference.

Nothing could be more exciting than to take this type of project into your own hands. When it comes to choosing magnificent plush designs in carpet tiles, it can be an endless feat. Learn how to become familiar with contrasting the various prints to really pull off the look you've been daring to try for so long to only experience in the end that you've truly accomplished something special!