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Handscraped Hardwood

For the past few decades, the most popular styles of hard surface flooring have been the very flat, smooth, and high gloss looks. In the early days of using wood for flooring, each plank would be handcrafted and the perfectly smooth finish was a difficult look to achieve. The advent of engineered hardwood and laminate flooring was a game changer though, making the uniformly smooth style a reality. Dubbed the "piano finish", from certain angles a high gloss sheen could make a well-installed floor look like it was covered with a sheet of glass. With advances in manufacturing technology, this popular look became available to anyone wanting a new floor, so naturally, it became a trend all on its own.

Like anything, trends come and go in flooring the same as they do with everything else, and now the look of handscraped hardwood is back in vogue. While some simply like the look and feel of it, it also made a come back as the perfect option for people looking to remodel an older home. It's important to have a floor that fits the home's character and reflect its age, especially if the building or home is historic. In this case, a rugged appearance would be preferable over the shiny and glossy look. The same is true for those looking for flooring that would suit a vintage style.

What is handscraped then?

Since before the 1600's, wooden planks have been being used for flooring. The boards would be evened out using hand held tools, then sanded for a natural, even finish. A perfectly smooth floor was nearly impossible to achieve, so having a floor that was naturally distressed wasn't just the style, it was the only option! Nowadays, handscraped surfaces create a rustic and traditional feel in your space while accentuating the woods natural grain. No two authentically handscraped hardwood planks will be identical, giving each floor a completely customized look.

Ultimately though, as styles progressed, craftsmen became artisans, and they would deliberately mark and sculpt the wood to give the floor distinction. In comparison, today's handscraped hardwood flooring is designed to have the look of an older style floor made by hand, showing a natural kind of wear, but it still enjoys modern finishes that protect the floor.

One advantage the handscraped look has is that it naturally hides any minor blemishes which may occur. A minor scrape, scratch, dent from shoes, or something dropped, it's not only camouflaged by the handscraped planks, it can actually add to the authenticity! This makes it a wonderful choice for active households where those eventualities may be deemed inevitable, such as a busy home with children or pets.

Also, handscraped flooring is not limited to only solid hardwoods. You can find engineered hardwood flooring and even laminate with a handscraped texture, plus both are usually more affordable options.

Why so distressed?

Also falling under the heading of handscraped are such style elements such as sanding, denting, or scooping the wood to create indentations and little splits or holes for a truer look. Another popular style is the "brushed" look, where a wire contraption-like a brush is mechanically used on the flooring. It will have less of a wavy look on the surface and more of a worn, "whapped by wires" texture, making the wood look older or perhaps reclaimed. It's a bold design with striking surface impressions that also allows for the natural imperfections, including inherent characteristics such as knots and mineral streaks.

Handscraped flooring, whether actually done by hand or not, is designed to look unique, individual, and richly textured.

With a stunning combination of its rustic appearance and its sleek satin gloss finish, handscraped floors are a timeless option that delivers old-world style in a modern palette. Manufactured to last, our resilient hardwood floors are the epitome of style for your interior.

The cherished, time-honored tradition of handcrafting is joined with the benefits of modern engineering and prefinishing, creating a floor without peer. Each plank of flooring is sculpted to create a rustic, antique appeal along with old-world charm.

The Difference Between Hardwood and Laminate

While hardwood flooring is more authentic, laminate flooring is more affordable and better suited for environments with a lot of moisture. Both are very durable, with laminate being less susceptible to scratches and easier to clean.

Hardwood Facts & Floor Care

Find out more detailed information about having natural hardwood floors in your home, as well as floor care practices. These tips will help educate you and manage expectations about this natural product.