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Flooring Trends 2023

Well, it’s finally happened; the cold days of Winter are behind us and Spring is on the horizon. Being cooped up indoors for a Canadian winter can mean lots of free time spent looking at ways to refresh your space. Now that the days are getting longer and the snow has started melting, it’s time to put those plans into action. Let’s take a look at what flooring trends are in the forecast for 2023.

Rich Wood Tones

Flooring trends are moving away from grey and into rich brown tones that are versatile for every space. These tones work in perfect harmony with the maximalism trend that is expected to stick around for the remainder of 2023. They are classic and can work with any decor style from traditional to eclectic.

Individual Style

More and more people are bringing their individual style into their home, rather than decorate for resale value. Tiles and vinyl, in 2023, are all about making a statement. Patterned vinyl will be the perfect way to turn any room into a statement as well. From simple styles, to big bold geometric shapes, bringing your own individual style into the home is here to stay.

Checkerboard Floors

Checkered flooring has been creeping its way back in 2023 - and we are all about it! With the rise of individual style, checkered flooring has made its way onto the top of the list for must have flooring this year. It’s a great way to add a unique pattern without it becoming too complicated. This flooring can look great in any space - It’s also a great feature of transitional bathrooms, where contemporary and traditional styles are blended together.

Unique Designs

Bringing your own unique style indoors and creating more visual interest is gaining more popularity. Flooring like Chevron, Herringbone and Parquet have made their way back in recent years and are making their way up the list of trends for 2023. Even mixing and matching the patterns together has become popular.