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Woman smiling and relaxing on a patio surrounded by many green plants.

Flooring Advice for the Plant Lover

Let’s be honest, plants are just low maintenance pets - they are just as finicky as cats and demand the same amount of attention as a dog. Just like with your pets, it’s important to protect your flooring from any damage when it comes to caring for them.

Caring Properly For Your Plants Can Protect Your Flooring

Your flooring definitely is not the first thing that you think of when it comes to taking care of your plants, but proper plant care can actually extend the life of your floors. Let’s go over a few things you can do to protect your floors, all while being a great plant parent.

Use plant trays

Always be sure that your plants are in a pot with a tray underneath. Plants need proper drainage to prevent root rot, and holes in the bottom of the pot are a must. Be sure that the tray you have under the pot is large enough to prevent water from spilling over and on to your floor.

Don’t overwater

Over watering isn’t just going to kill your plant, but your floor as well. Over watering can cause water to spill over and pool on to your floor creating bubbling, swelling, lifting or even mould.

Lift, don’t drag

Some plants don’t like to be moved, but others demand to be moved all the time (or you have a fiddle leaf fig and have no idea where to put it). Plants can get super heavy with the pot and all the soil, and it can be very tempting to just drag the pot across the floor to a sunnier location. Dragging a plant is a good way to scratch your flooring, especially hardwood and laminate. You could also end up tearing your vinyl flooring. Be sure to lift and move, or if it’s too heavy, ask a friend or find a dolly.

Keep them off the floor

We have all done it - had a plant on the floor and when we pick it up there is a horrible moist dirt ring left on the floor. This is why it’s important to always have something between the pot and the floor. Trays work wonderfully, as do cork protectors. Pots can also scratch the flooring, cause denting as well as other damage.

High humidity plants

Some plants require to be in a high humidity environment and need a humidifier. If your plants depend on being in a more humid environment, be sure that your flooring can handle it. Humidity can cause condensation to build up on the floors (and walls), and create little puddles of water. It’s important to have flooring that is either water resistant or waterproof so that you don’t have to worry about buckling or bubbling.

These easy tips will ensure that you can protect your flooring, while enjoying the beauty of having some greenery in your home.

All About Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is another plant that can also be harvested, treated and turned into hard surface flooring. Bamboo floors come in a variety of styles and colors, and make for a great flooring choice for any home!