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Durable Flooring Options for High Traffic Areas

It’s that time of the year where we have guests coming in and out of the home, kids running through the doors covered in wet snow and pets leaving muddy prints behind. Even if you live alone, it’s important to know which flooring options are available for areas that have higher foot traffic.

The Mudroom

The mudroom is the perfect dedicated space for all things dirty. It’s where boots come off, coats are hung up and is the secondary entrance to the home. This area is prone to having high foot traffic as well as wetness. So what are the best options for it?

Porcelain Tile
There’s a reason tile has been favoured around the world for thousands of years. It’s durable, long lasting, easy to clean and maintain. It’s a great option in warmer climates since it keeps its cool but holds up well in cooler climates where moisture becomes a constant from fall through to spring.

We chose porcelain as the go-to option for the mud room for its ability to withstand just about everything you throw at it. From pets paws, muddy boots, soaked raincoats and wet umbrellas, to slush and salt, the advantage of tile for the mudroom cannot be understated.

There’s a lot of options out there in terms of size, pattern, and style so you can customize your mudroom to your taste. One of our personal favourites is wood lookalike tile that has the pattern and texture of wood flooring but the durability of tile.

One downside is that it can get slippery in the winter (this is Canada, after all) so throwing down a mat might be a good idea.

Entrance Ways

Laminate is durable and budget-friendly, making it ideal for entrance ways that naturally see a lot of foot traffic. While it can’t stand up to a lot of water as it tends to warp the flooring, it has a top layer to protect against scratches, wear and tear, and everything that comes along with high traffic areas. Similar to tile, there’s a lot of options with laminate flooring and you’ll find patterns in stone, tile, and wood so you can create the space you want.

We would also recommend hardwood due to its ability to be buffed and refinished multiple times over its lifespan. It’s like having new flooring installed every few years.

The Kitchen

The kitchen is often called the heart of the home. From cooking experimentation, daily meal eating and parties that seem to always end there - it's where foot traffic, spills, and lots of cleaning happens. For this space we have a couple of recommendations on flooring that can take the heat.

Luxury Vinyl
This type of flooring is made up of multiple protective layers keeping it safe from scratches and scuffs. Additionally, luxury vinyl is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about stains or warping. Less expensive than hardwood and more resilient it’s a favourite amongst homeowners for high-traffic areas. It’s also fairly easy to style as it comes in both plank and tile form and a multitude of colours.

Porcelain Tiles
We’ve mentioned tile once before and there’s a reason we’re mentioning it again: they work.

Tiles in the kitchen will withstand pretty much anything you throw at it: cooking spills, child chef’s, holiday dinner prep - you name it! With its durability and ease of cleaning it’s a shoe-in for your kitchen flooring. With so many different styles, it’s easy to find the perfect one for your home.

Honourable Mentions

Area Rugs
Okay, hear us out: while area rugs aren’t the greatest solution for all high-traffic areas they can be great protection for your floors during the harshness of the winter months. Especially if you need a quick solution with guests coming over, you rent a place, or you’re just not ready to renovate.

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