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Creating a Patio Oasis

Spring is here and pretty soon the days will become longer - it’s the time of the year when we begin to spend more time outdoors. Transforming your patio into an oasis isn’t only great for having friends and family over, but it also creates the perfect space to unwind and relax. We have some ideas below to help you create the perfect outdoor space.

Consider the Flooring

It’s important when creating your outdoor space that you select the right flooring. Having the right foundation to build your space on will make all the difference in the end. This will help to make sure that your seating area is level and available for optimal relaxation. You will want to choose a surface that is durable, can hold up to moisture, is easy to care for and easy to clean. We highly suggest a surface that has a 100% waterproof membrane with slip-resistant embossing for greater traction in wet conditions, like our GLOBAL DEC-K-ING SYSTEMS. DEC-K-ING membranes are engineered to handle an extreme range of weather and are manufactured with salt, mildew and UV Inhibitors to ensure durability in any climate - perfect for our Canadian seasons!

Add a Plant, or Twenty

Surround your outdoor space with plants. Not only will this create an eye catching oasis you will feel relaxed in, but with some strategic placement it can actually create some privacy. Choose plants that are full and bushy, and arrange them around the seating area to create privacy or have some hanging if your space allows. Be sure to add plant trays underneath, or create plenty of room for drainage, so that you won’t stain your flooring.

Lighting for When the Sun Sets

Lighting is so important when creating ambiance in your outdoor space. Yes, a sunset can be amazing, but when that sun goes down you need to be sure you have some lighting available. At the very basic, a single patio light can add some ambient lighting. Candlelight, lanterns, string lights, and dimmable lamps can create a space for conversation, also while adding safety. If you combine a mix of lighting to your backyard getaway, it will be a magical place after dark.

Incorporate Colours and Patterns

Add some personality to your outdoor areas with weather-resistant textiles. Choose pillows in different sizes, shapes and colours - or choose a colour scheme and stick to that! Find throw blankets that are quick to dry and then tie everything together with a stunning outdoor rug! Be sure to choose textiles that are made for being outside as this will extend their life.

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