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Creating a Colour Scheme For Your Home

One of the most important elements of design is colour and it plays a huge role in the look and feel of any space. Having a consistent colour palette in a room and throughout a home creates a vibe that feels welcoming, organized, and pleasing to the eye. Depending on where your house may be on the scale of matching vs. clashing, bringing everything into harmony can be a daunting task. With the help of colour, you can successfully marry everything you love in your space together. Whether you're renovating a single room or your whole house, here are our tips to finding the perfect balance.
EOR6106_Aug18_Blog_ColourScheme_SmallImages_ARPaint_WEB.pngFirst, find colour inspiration from anywhere and everywhere! Are you drawn to warm hues? Or cool tones? Think about the colors that you're drawn to consistently; and then see how you can incorporate them into your interior design as either the dominant colour, or maybe as a secondary tone or accessory shade.

Have you settled on a specific color for something, but your big ticket items or other existing decor or furniture doesn't match? Consider the 60-30-10 rule. Find the colour that you need to work around, and then see how you can include your preferred shades in combination.

A great design exercise that you will have fun doing consists of collecting swatches, pictures, and samples to create your own version of a mood board. This will help you keep the focus on your desired palette, and provide a great visual for how it will all work together. Being able to hold a sample of flooring up to your existing wall colour (or vice versa) will help you determine the undertones of both, and may affect or confirm your decision. If possible, try to collect larger samples or greater quantities of, this will give you a better sense of the overall design and more confidence in your final decision. It is often difficult to imagine the outcome when working with small samples!EOR6106_Aug18_Blog_ColourScheme_SmallImages_Carpet_WEB.png

Unless you're going for a tone-on-tone look, a little contrast is a good thing; this helps to keep your design from being overly coordinated. Try incorporating black and white where you can. Both act as a neutral and provide a great contrast to any color you choose without making the room feel busy.

Sometimes interior design experts will recommend trying to keep the walls and flooring a neutral colour to provide a backdrop for accessories in more dramatic hues. But if you've always had your heart set on something eye-popping, go for it! Why not have white flooring, or maybe a black feature wall?

EOR6106_Aug18_Blog_ColourScheme_SmallImages_PillThrow_WEB.pngIt's not always easy to create a color scheme for your home, especially if you have many different design aspects to bring together. Whatever you're working with, we're certain that we'll have the perfect flooring product and style to suit any color palette. Flooring today has truly become a designer's and home owner's dream, with such a huge selection of colours, styles, and textures available in all of the different flooring categories.

Visit us in-store to see some of your options in person, and don't forget to bring in examples or pictures of your current design ideas!