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Bathrooms: Small Spaces, Big Impact

What works well underfoot in the bathroom? The answer is just about anything! Picture your bathroom. Now, picture it again, but replace the floor with pretty pebble stone tile, or the timeless beauty of hardwood. Both options would look amazing, and similar to other rooms of the house, there are numerous options to consider. Many bathrooms are small spaces, but that doesn't mean they can't make a big impact.

Bathrooms can include many different types of flooring, and while you may expect the typical bathroom to have simple tiles on the floor, more choices are available if you want to differentiate or be original. You can really use anything and everything in other rooms in the home, so why not the bathroom? With today's flooring options, the sky is the limit on what will work. From laminate to area rugs, and even hardwood, there are many choices that work to accomplish both great design and resiliency.

Just like any other interior design project, there are many things to consider when looking at flooring, regardless of which room it will be placed in. If you're lucky enough to have a large bathroom with space to spare, then the flooring can make a huge difference to the vibe of your room. Alternately, if you have a small space, then certain types of flooring design will help add to the decor, rather than detract resulting in a tiny room feeling even smaller. Ask yourself how you want the room to feel, considering the following: Do you want it to be relaxing or functional? Feminine/masculine or balanced? Memorable or neutral? The answers to these questions may help determine the kind of flooring you should go with. Once this is decided, your next step will be to figure out your budget, and which options work within it. Also decide whether or not your budget includes the price of installation, or if you want to make it a DIY project.

Here are some ideas that may spark inspiration for you:

Consider luxury vinyl that is textured and patterned to look like authentic materials including stone, tile and even a more textured material like concrete. This is one of the most popular choices for bathroom flooring because of its price and its resilience to water. Vinyl also comes in tiles for twice as many options in patterns and looks.

If you have a spacious bathroom, you may want to consider adding in an area rug. It's easy to update and it will add colour to the room and warmth to your feet. A rubber backed mat would protect hardwood from water damage and add protection on slippery tile.

Tile arranged in a bright or eye-catching pattern is sure to be a focal point with the added benefit of durability and water resistance. Floor tile is slightly more textured than a wall tile to prevent slippage when wet, but can sometimes be cold on the feet. It might be worth looking into radiant heat systems for coziness during those cold Canadian winters!

Hardwood, or even laminate flooring, is perfect for a classic feel and helps to maintain consistency all through the house, especially if this is what you already have in your home. But beware of water damage. It might not be the best choice if you share the bathroom with young children in the house who are prone to spilling and splashing.

Carpet is generally taboo in a bathroom, but if you have your heart set on installing it, here is a great article with tips on how to make it last. A great point they make is that carpet tiles with a low pile may be a good option as they will hold less moisture and are painless to rip up.

Cork flooring is another option that is usually not the best choice for bathroom design. Humidity in bathrooms can damage the floor, and when you consider potential spills and drips, solid cork is generally not recommended for installation in bathrooms. It's natural insulating and sound-proofing characteristics are better suited for other living areas of your home.

At the end of the day, there are many websites and blogs that will give you a plethora of ideas. But sometimes it's best to get ideas and help deciding on a final product with an experienced flooring expert. Contact a Flooring Advisor near you to see what's in stock at your local End Of The Roll Flooring Centre, where they won't just have samples for you to look at; you can take the flooring of your choice home today.

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