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4 Simple Tips for Enhancing Your Homes Interior

If you're like any homeowner, your house is your baby and you'll do anything to make it better. With so many ways to customize your home, it can be daunting at times to know what you should be doing to make your home a more enjoyable space to live. With that said, If you're stuck with ideas and don't feel like hiring an interior designer, here are four simple tips that you can utilize to enhance the look and feel of your home.

1. Don't Use Lots of Furniture

Keep things simple when decorating your home. Nothing looks worse than an over-cluttered house with a bunch of mismatched furniture. It comes to down to finding a few pieces that match perfectly with the rest of your home, just be aware of your surroundings and pick the furniture that brings everything else to life.

Have a look at your house and analyze your furniture; does it match your home? Is there too much going on? If you answered yes to that question then maybe it's time to move your current furniture to the storage room (or sell it) and replace it with something more in line with the atmosphere you are trying to create in your home.

Sometimes less is more.

2. Paint Your Walls The Right Colour

Very similar to the point above, the colour of your walls will have a huge impact on how a room looks and feels. With literally thousands of colour combinations, there is no one size fits all.

A great rule of thumb to use is to think about the mood that you are trying to accomplish for each specific room and then pick colours that match that mood.

For example, soft, light, and neutral colours bring a quieter and more relaxing feeling to a room. On the other hand, darker and stronger colours bring more excitement and drama to the room. You have to decide what type of atmosphere you want to bring to your house and then try and pick the right colour combination to match that atmosphere.

3. Make Your Bedroom More Exciting

Lots of individuals think the bedroom is just a place to sleep.If you really think about it though, you spend a lot of time if your bedroom, so why not make it a more exciting and inviting place?

Small enhancements like an area rug, new comforters, or a small piece of furniture can really enhance the bedroom. The key is finding the right pieces that YOU personally enjoy!

4. Use Multi-Layer Lighting

Another fantastic way to bring a room to life, specifically at night, is to use multi-layered lighting. This works great in kitchens, but can be used in other areas of your home if done right.

Using the kitchen as an example, you have the opportunity for lighting in the cabinets, backsplashes, countertops, and of course, the overhead lighting. Try this out and watch the new found life you can bring to a room just by installing some new lighting.

Find What Works For You

As you already know, there is endless opportunity for enhancing your home and everyone is going to have their own opinion on what is right and what is wrong. We hope the four points above help you bring your home to life, but at the end of the day, you need to find what you enjoy and what works for you.

Creating a Colour Scheme For Your Home

It's not always easy to create a color scheme for your home. Whatever design or style you're working with, we're certain that we'll have the perfect flooring product and style to suit any color palette in your home.