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2017 Floor Covering Innovations & Trends

We live in an ever-changing world that continues to evolve and innovate on a day to day basis. While flooring usually doesn't come to mind first when thinking of innovation, manufacturers are constantly implementing cutting-edge technology to improve their products. Whether that's making the product more durable, cost-effective, water proof...etc, they are constantly implementing new technologies to bring you, the customer, the best possible product to your home every single year. We know some of you love learning about new innovations, so we have wrapped up a handful of the most popular product trends that made waves in 2017. Enjoy!


Carpet isn't the product it used to be. With recent changes in technology, manufacturers have really focused on creating extremely high-quality products that homeowners have grown to love. Spill Resistant Carpet One of the most popular trends in the carpet industry is spill resistant carpet. Manufacturers have focused on creating durable, water-resistant carpets that can stand up to the day to day destruction that comes with a busy household. Whether that's spilling water, coffee, pets or children doing what they do best(creating havoc), spill resistant carpets are there to save the day. Below is an example of Mohawks Waterproof Smartstrand carpet.

DIY Carpet Products Another trend that is growing in popularity is do it yourself carpet products. Before, unless you were a handyman, you would have to hire a professional to come to your house and install your new carpet. With new innovations and products like Air.O Carpet from Mohawk and Carpet Tiles from U-Tile, DIY installations have never been easier.

Mohawk Air.O carpet has a pre-attached underpad and can beinstalled up to 50% faster than regular carpet.

U-Tile carpet tiles come in pre-cut squares that can be easily installed over many flooring types, including wood and tile. The tiles do not require any padding or glue for installation. Individual carpet tiles can be removed for cleaning, and replaced when dry. If one area of the floor becomes damaged, the tile can be replaced without replacing the entire floor. It's a perfect product for "do it yourselfers" and has continued to grow in popularity.



Another innovative product that has continued to grow in popularity is corkwood. Corkwood comes with a plethora of benefits; it's a hybrid floor that comes with the natural beauty of wood, the durability of laminate and the soft, warm and comforting feeling of cork. Did we mention it's environmentally friendly and just as easy to install as laminate? TORLYS continues to be a leader in cork flooring, and have created some amazing innovative products. You can check out their Smart CorkWood collection. corkwood-banner.jpg

Luxury Vinyl

Vinyl is a product that has seen massive shifts over the last few years. Traditionally, sheet vinyl used to be recognized as the cost effective product that could be used in mudrooms or any water-prone areas because of its water-resistant properties. Now, with constant innovation and new technology, manufacturers have created more well-rounded products known as luxury vinyl which homeowners have grown to love and use in more common areas of the household. These products are not only water resistant, but are durable, easy to install, and are very affordable. To take that a step further, loose lay luxury vinyl is a product that deserves the spotlight. Loose lay floors boast superior dimensional stability, unparalleled sound absorption, and are very soft underfoot. Also, due to LooseLay rigid core technology, if there are imperfections on the subfloor the floor will still produce a flat surface. Loose lay can also be installed with minimal adhesive required to hold the planks in place and require no locking system! This also makes it very easy to replace the flooring if damaged and makes it a perfect product for DIY projects. Watch the video below and learn for yourself why looselay viny might be the easiest DIY product on the market.

Whats Next?

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