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Kraus is a global tufted carpet manufacturer and supplier based out of Waterloo, Ontario. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and strict control procedures help ensure a continual high quality product. Kraus' carpets are beautifully made and incredibly durable.

According to Kraus, carpet actually improves indoor air quality. They say, "Studies have shown that carpet is better at trapping allergens than hard surface flooring, because carpet fibers catch the particles and allergens that fall to the floor. When allergens are trapped in the carpet, they cannot circulate in the air for you to breathe. Proper cleaning with a vacuum effectively sucks up the dirt and dust from the carpet, locks it in the machine and keeps it out of the air."

Kraus also supplies hardwood, laminate, and sheet vinyl. With their rigorous standards applied across their product lines, we know we can trust them to stand behind their products, which means we can recommend Kraus without reservation to you, our customers.

In terms of environmental policies and practices, Kraus does not fail to impress. They are focusing on four main categories including energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, water reduction, and waste minimization. Kraus has set aggressive targets for themselves and are proving to be industry leaders in environmental responsibility.

End Of The Roll is proud to offer Kraus' products. For more information, check out krausflooring.com. Call or stop by and ask us about the incredible selection of flooring products we have in stock. We invite you to see what's new in the showroom!