License To Spill Granted - To Lindsay Welsh!

In early October, End Of The Roll partnered up with Mohawk Flooring to bring you our “License To Spill” promotion. It was something the flooring industry had never seen before: an interactive and fun way for the whole family to test the carpet before bringing it home. Our stores across Canada set up “Spill Demonstrations” so that staff and customers alike could test out the durability and stain-resistance of Mohawk SmartStrand carpet.

During this time, if you walked into an End Of The Roll store, you would see a special table set up with bottles of mustard and ketchup to try out a Spill Demo for yourself. Kids and adults alike loved to spill, certain that the stains would be tougher than the carpet. We received tons of pictures and videos showcasing visitors to our stores making a mess with chocolate sauce, soya sauce, and coffee too; you name it, we tried it! Just when it looked like things were getting too messy, one of the Flooring Advisors in store would demonstrate how easy it was to make the stains disappear with just a little bit of water and a quick wipe. Time and time again, the mess would all wash away using nothing more than some water and a sponge.

As people across the nation tried out this amazing and innovative carpet, End Of The Roll made it even more exciting by offering to give away a Grand Prize to one lucky winner. Thousands of people entered online by sharing and posting about their experience on Facebook, and the prize was our biggest giveaway yet: a roomful of Mohawk SmartStrand carpet! A random winner was drawn from all the entrants and announced on Thursday December 12, 2013: Congratulations to Lindsay Welsh!

In order to be entered in the contest, we asked everyone to like and comment on our Facebook posts. Lindsay participated in the contest by liking our page, sharing our posts and liking many of our comments, even contributing comments of her own: "We are renovating our house and have ordered this fantastic new carpet!!!! We have bought a house which required a total gut due to hoarders!!! Please let us win!!!!" And, luckily, one of these efforts proved fruitful enough to make her the draw winner!

When we talked to Lindsay to award her up to 500 square feet of the premium stain-resistant carpet, she was beyond excited. The only question left was which room to finish! Having recently bought a house in Victoria, BC, Lindsay and her fiancé Steve had been busy renovating their home to suit their needs and baby-proofing requirements for their daughter Savannah.

They bought their house in September 2013, but three months later were still unable to live in the house due to various reasons. We pried, and the story is somewhat heartbreaking!

After they had their new home inspected and the sale was finalized, Lindsay and Steve started some minor renovations, and discovered a bit of a nightmare. Not only did the house need to be cleaned up due to rat droppings and stains everywhere, they also found out that their drywall was riddled with asbestos. What’s more, Lindsay told us they discovered that all of the wiring in the house was faulty, and the plumbing needed to be fixed in one of their bathrooms. The bathtub had been installed backwards and the plumbing was never connected properly, leaking water into the flooring and walls. What a mess! And what a lucky windfall to this deserving couple who has been challenged to no end in their brand new home.

With new problems continuing to push their move-in date back each month, the Welshes are hoping to be able to transition into their new home at the end of January 2014. “Having some fresh clean carpet installed in the New Year is a huge step towards making our house a home,” says Lindsay. “Thank you, End Of The Roll for putting on this great contest!”

Lindsay and Steve have decided to use their winnings towards carpeting their master bedroom with “Skillful Intent” in the “Rum Cake” colour. The fact that it is a luxury Mohawk SmartStrand stain-resistant carpet is just icing on the cake! 

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our License To Spill contest. We appreciate all of your comments and shares and we invite you to continue to stay tuned, as we offer more great giveaways over the course of the year!

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