Designer Area Rugs - The Citak Collection

“Different. Distinctive. Original.” To Citak Rugs, it's more than just a slogan, it's their mission. And having been in the business since 1976, Citak is experienced in everything area rugs. From start to finish, preliminary design to the bound and ready-to-sell product, Citak does it all while maintaining their high standards; they only offer the best of the best in craftsmanship, style and customer service.

End Of The Roll is proudly partnered with Citak to provide you with the finest in premium brand-name quality area rugs. In fact, we are so excited that we are going to give away one area rug, once a month, for the next three months. This contest will be running from December 2013 to end of February 2014, and it's easy to enter! Simply click here to comment and like our Facebook posts, and you will automatically be entered to win a 5' x 8' Citak area rug of your choice that is listed on our website. (For full contest rules and regulations, click here.)
Citak is one of the largest North American importers and wholesalers of deluxe area rugs, from the top carpet producing regions in the Orient, Middle East and Europe. As such, their rugs inspire and lend international design to any room, whether it's an office space, a bedroom or a living area. Citak accesses and distributes both machine-woven rugs and hand-knotted products, each demonstrating detailed craftsmanship, while maintaining consistency in exceptional quality and originality down to the last square foot.

To read more about Citak Rugs, the company, click here for our Brands page.

Whether you're an interior designer or a homeowner, Citak has an area rug that will fit your space. Are you looking for something trendy and sleek? Something comfortable and durable? They have it in a wide selection of patterns and colours, weave and textures. The superb quality and fabrics of the area rugs can withstand the highest levels foot traffic, and the rugs are great for covering up already existing threadbare carpets or otherwise stained flooring. Alternatively, they are a great way to protect floors and to add colour and pattern to a room, or even an outdoor living area or covered deck.
Their collections are named like lifestyles including "Grand," "Urban," "Europa," and "Highlife," each signifying an idea, a feeling, and a style of design that you can have by simply placing a well selected area rug in any room of your home or office. Their various collections include rugs of all sizes, different pile heights, colours and patterns. Artistically named, "Breeze" would easily fit in a modern minimalist office, or in an open and inviting beach house. Other names include "Grove," "Arbor," and "Mosaic" and each includes colour options with bright eye catching palettes, lighter creams, and neutral shades of slate and charcoal grey.
The Citak collection on our website is eye candy for anyone who needs a quick-fix for their homes, or a painless way to freshen up a living space without costly and time consuming renovations. To see the full collection online, and add your favourite area rugs to your wishlist, click here.
If you're uncertain about your whether or not your style is modern or minimalist, “The Backroom Blog” has a great post than can answer many style choice questions and give you some good ideas on placements of area rugs etc. Written by Lisa Ferguson, of Decor Mentor and Lisa Ferguson Interior Design, she recommends budgeting 25% of your room's decorating budget for your rug! She also writes that one of the most common mistakes she sees when she enters a room is that most people buy area rugs that are too small for the space or room they are placed in. To read the full Backroom Blog article, click here.