Protecting Animals & the Earth

blisstree.jpgWe're proud to be supporting The Humane Society of Canada as this month's BeCause We Care foundation of choice. If you're an animal lover or wildlife enthusiast, you may already be familiar with their work. They are advocates for animals and the protection of them, with active programs in companion animals, wildlife and habitat protection, marine mammal preservation and farm animal welfare.



In their latest public service announcementThe Heat Is On, they aim to remind Canadian's to leave your pets at home. In many cases, this summer has been hotter than ever, and the best place for your four legged friends is a cool, shady place like your family home. “Each year many well meaning Canadians enjoy the summer heat, and want to bring their pets with them everywhere they go. We’re asking people to stop and think for a moment,” says the HSC.

petsafe.jpgDogs and cats, (among other animals), have a body temperature which is already several degrees higher than our own. Combined with coats of fur, pets cannot sweat and cool off as efficiently as we do.
“If you think we’re exaggerating, try wearing even a light sweater on a hot summer’s day, and then go jogging. Within five minutes, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about,” says The HSC Chairman & CEO Michael O'Sullivan. The message is simple and straight to the point: "You wouldn't lock yourself in a sauna. Don't lock your dog in a car."

The society has animal and wildlife guardian packages for any that are interested, and they also have an online store where you can buy ornaments, figurines, even memorial stones. They also monitor pet food recalls, and you can adopt a pet or find a shelter for one through their website.

The Humane Society of Canada works to protect all animals through education, investigation, litigation, legislation, advocacy, and field work.

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