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Vote And Win
Vote And Win Posted: June 8, 2015

See all the area rugs in our Citak Area Rug Showdown, may the best rug win! We're giving away a gorgeous area rug from Citak to one lucky winner! Vote for your favourite rug, and see which one makes the final cut!

ALS Posted: June 1, 2015

The ALS Society of Canada is a registered, not-for-profit organization that provides support for those living with ALS, in addition to raising funds for research. We are proud to promote ALS during the month of June.

Area Rug Rules
Area Rug Rules Posted: May 22, 2015

There are a few design rules you should know before you purchase an Area Rug. Here is a quick list of the "dos and don'ts" to help you make your final decision.

Vinyl is in Style
Vinyl is in Style Posted: May 6, 2015

Modern technology has done a lot for Vinyl Flooring. Stylish, durable, and beautiful, its aesthetics can conform to any taste, room, or colour palette.

Plan Canada
Plan Canada Posted: May 1, 2015

End Of The Roll is proud to help promote Plan Canada’s ethical gift-giving program during the month of May. Think outside the gift box with Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope.